Del Borrello vows to block reappointment of Murphy’s State Board of Ed ally if elected to Senate

August 8, 2023

Save Jersey

By Matt Rooney

Parental rights remains front-and-center as New Jersey’s 2023 legislative elections near the final fall push, and in battleground LD4 (Gloucester, Camden, Atlantic), the GOP Senate nominee is vowing to take decisive action if elected.

Chris Del Borrello (R-Washington Township) says he’ll actively block and effectively doom the reappointment of New Jersey State Board of Education Member Elaine Bobrove upon the expiration of her current term. Garden State senators routinely exercise “senatorial courtesy,” an informal and unwritten but universally recognized right to block gubernatorial nominees who reside in their home districts.

Last week, the Board voted narrowly – 6 to 5 – to eliminate gendered nouns and pronouns from the “Managing for Equality and Equity in Education” Chapter of the state’s Administrative Code among other radical changes. Last year, Murphy replaced three board members who had been reluctant to support his far-Left education policies.

“The six members of the State Board of Education, including Ms. Bobrove from Camden County, who voted ‘yes’ for this nonsense should never be reappointed, and any Republican Senator who can prevent that, should,” said Del Borrello. “Moreover, her refusal to allow additional time for public comment shows a disrespect for parents that has become par-for-the-course in Trenton. If I am elected to the State Senate in November, I can promise 4th Legislative District residents today that any attempt to reappoint Ms. Bobrove to the State Board of Education when her term expires will fail.”

Del Borrello also singled out his opponent, Assemblyman Paul Moriarty, for refusing to speak out when he had the chance.

“The choice voters have before them this November is crystal clear,” said Del Borrello, the father of four young children. “You can vote Republican, protect the rights of parents and push back against the extreme, far-left nonsense coming out of Trenton, or you can vote for Democrats and accept the outlawing of gender-specific language in our schools and paving the way for biological boys to compete against biological girls in sports. Elections always have consequences and this year’s elections will have massive and long-lasting ones for parents, children, teachers, and our educational system in New Jersey if Democrats prevail. When I am out knocking on doors, I am making this very clear to voters and will continue to do so heading into the fall.”

Del Borrello and Moriarty are competing for an open seat currently held by a retiring Democrat, Fred Madden.